The revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance

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A set of HEY Bracelets A set of HEY Bracelets

A personal touch

Everyone wants to be close to their loved ones. But sometimes there’s just too much distance. It becomes impossible to hold that one special person. Until now. HEY bracelet lets you feel your loved one, no matter the distance.

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Pick your style

Designed for both men and women HEY fits perfectly around your wrist. Besides that, the bracelet is a distinguished accessory that adds a subtle touch to every outfit.

The revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance

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The perfect gift

Give the bracelet to someone you like to stay connected with. Great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or maybe even a marriage.

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The tech inside

  • Black HEY Bracelet with micro usb charging cable

    Charging HEY only takes 30 minutes. That’s enough power for up to 3 days.

  • Weatherproof HEY Bracelets

    No need to bring an umbrella. HEY is weatherproof.

  • Haptic Feedback Bracelet

    HEY gives a unique way of haptic feedback and feels like a gentle squeeze.

The HEY app

This app makes sure all your little squeezes reach the other bracelet directly and it keeps track of your love stats. The HEY app will be available for Android and iOS.

HEY App for Android and iOS