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House of Haptics
About the team

HEY nice to meet you

HEY is invented by Mark van Rossem. He looked at the current world of communication and saw that one thing was missing. And that thing was touch. People are communicating 24/7, but there’s always a distance. So Mark set himself the seemingly impossible goal to send touch over great distances and came up with the idea for HEY.

Together with successful entrepreneur, David van Brakel, he started the company House of Haptics and gathered a team of creative and technical professionals that have all earned their credentials in their field of expertise. Together they want to build products that bring people closer. HEY will be the first product coming from this remarkable collaboration, and will certainly not be the last.

Mark van Rossem


“What if two people could communicate over a distance, by touch?”

Gijs Huisman


“Touch is vital in maintaining healthy social relationships”

David van Brakel


“HEY enables people to share special moments. Whenever and wherever”

Sjors van Hoof


“The interactive bracelet gives meaning to design. It’s a jewel full of stories”

Bert Mulder


“HEY, keep in touch!”